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Happy Clients

The first time Debra came to my house she put me at ease. She emphasized that getting rid of everything was not the goal of decluttering, however, I would need to recognize what made me truly happy.


Debra was a good listener, patient, and supportive through the 'stories' and the 'whys' about the purchases that added to my clutter. I never felt I was being judged for having so many extras. I felt I was achieving the goals that we set together! 

We accomplished more than I could've imagined in such a short time. I'm amazed that I emptied out 1/2 of my closet and 3 drawers. I couldn't have done this alone.

Debra takes decluttering to the next level. After sorting, we talked about putting items to good use by donating to community organizations. Everyone wins, and Debra helps to make it happen.

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Jaye L.


Kathleen BW.jpg

Kathleen J.

Working Mom

Debra’s gentle approach to guiding me through tidying my space has already paid dividends. 


I am in awe of how much was succinctly accomplished. For the first time in fifteen years, I have all my clothing, purses and shoes in my bedroom neatly organized. 


The result of our labor is an inviting and calm oasis. I have slept soundly each night now that my chaos has been tamed! 


I highly recommend Debra’s services – she was very flexible in scheduling our meetings to a weekend when I could block time while my teenagers were away. She managed each step of what seemed overwhelming to do alone and provided the necessary coaching to get the project complete.  

In working with Debra, you will learn that decluttering by item type is much more successful than by specific areas. We started with clothing - even if you don't think you have that much - you will be astounded at your actual accumulation. 


Before Debra took us through the process we had so many clothes in our closets there was barely room to force another hanger on the rod. Today, everything is visible from t-shirts to shoes and there is plenty of open space available in our closet.

It is a fabulous feeling to know what is in your home and precisely where you can find it. 


Debra is very easy to work with and she keeps you on task so this process goes faster than it would go on your own. So, if you decide that it is finally time to declutter your home - please give Debra a call. You'll be more than glad that you did!

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Tom & Nancy H.

Recent Retirees

Peaceful Homes

Let me guide you

on your journey to remove clutter and

restore balance to your home. 

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