Life-changing Decluttering Services

Decluttering services can be used at any time that you feel overwhelmed by your home.


It is especially helpful to declutter in preparation for moving to a new home, or facing other life transitions like welcoming a baby, retirement, or downsizing.

If you want to say good-bye to being embarrassed when people come over, or if you would like to spend more time doing things you love and less time cleaning, it's time to declutter!

We will work together in 3-5 hour blocks of time.  

In-person and virtual sessions are available.

During every session I will create a positive work environment

for us that is respectful, shame-free, and confidential.


I will help you create a plan that will free you from excess stuff.

You will become more confident and efficient in your decision making and will find new gratitude for items you already have.

I will help you set goals that fit your lifestyle with results that bring you joy!

I will suggest practical solutions and encourage you to:

keep only what you love and need,

donate and recycle what you can, and

throw away items that cannot be thoughtfully reused.

When you devote yourself to decluttering your home you are making an investment in your future.